About us

CasaMIA is a dynamically growing company comprising the three major advantages of today’s design sector – flexibility of Europe’s cutting-edge know-how, extensive relations with the leading producers of interior design articles in Italy, and visionary creativity empowered by the ultimate software and hardware expertise spanning over a three-dimensional company profile: Retail, Staging and Interior Design. With its offices both in Europe and USA, CasaMia unites professionals working with precision at every stage of your project, bringing the best expertise for the whole process. Some of them we are proud to shortly present to you:

Anton KUZKIN Eng.
Chief designer and partner
Anton Kuzkin is a Russian born construction engineer and interior designer. His education in constructions gave him the perspective of space that he combines with his passion about art. Art has never been so close to living as today. The idea of having art around us is his driving force. This is why the CasaMia products are mostly Italian.
Senior Interior Designer

Kiril Stanev is an interior and product designer. He graduated in London, England. He has a degree in Business administration and in interior design from Chelsea College of Arts, University of Arts in London. Kiril worked on different interior design projects in Switzerland, Canada, France, Italy, UK and USA. Kiril has a very cosmopolitan background and international experience in the field of design. He speaks 6 languages fluently. Kiril has won many international awards for his work and projects. Kiril Stanev is very famous around the world with his product design of The SUNFLOWER, a lighting pendant model for QUASAR of Holland. To create the model , Kiril was inspired by his favorite painter and personal art inspiration Van Gogh.

Project Coordinator

Iliana Andreevska graduated Master in Business Administration. Iliana comes from over 8 years experience in customer service, hospitality industry, project management and sales background in Miami. She has solid organizational skills, including multitasking and time-management. Recently, she joined our team as project coordinator to ensure that clients’ needs are met as top level or quality of service is provided to its best to our clients. She is our associate for details on client’s perspective side such as project requirements, scope, objectives, budgeting and time frames. Her job is also to handle the communication between the client and our company from conception to delivery.


Elena’s education is all about art - from school to her academic diploma. Her career started as a designer at a famous TV sets design studio where she worked as a part of a team creating custom studio sets for different types of broadcast productions. After falling in love with interior design, she began creating various types of projects like clinics, restaurants, hotels and private homes. Elena’s passion is interior design projects of public spaces like restaurants, stores, hotels and office building lobbies.

Chief Designer European Office

Eng. Dimitry Yonchev is the chief designer of the European office of CasaMia. His abilities to motivate and inspire our team members is among his main specialties. He is construction engineer and has experience in designing industrial and residential buildings.


Arch Primov is a well known architect who creates industrial and residential buildings and homes. Functionality is the main factor when designing a space, especially in a non-standard form. Our clients are always amazed by the way he plans the space so its functional, well organized and cozy.


Ina Boeva is a young engineer also working for the European office of CasaMia. She organizes the preparation of the products and their assembly plan. She is also good in numbers, so we can guarantee that you get the best product at the best possible price.


Martina is the youngest member of the CasaMia team. She is a construction engineer, but she loves interior design and her motivation is an expiration to all the experienced designers in the team.

Arch Atanas CHUCHEV

Arch. Chuchev is a young architect who has several years of experience in Germany. This is how he learned that precision is among the most important factors in the modern architecture world.


Galya Yoncheva is a young designer who’s passion is outdoor spaces. Galya knows how to create coziness in every space outside, it doesn’t matter if it is a small garden or large area around a pool. Another important part of her job is to develop standards for safety measures inside and outside your building.

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